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Who Are We?

Established in 2013, the HPPN is an umbrella organisation bringing together patients from all of Harrow's NHS GP Practices.

We share experience, develop skills,  plan and develop best practices.

Recognised as a major contributor to developing local NHS services, we have contact with lead health decision makers, including our MPs.

Membership of the HPPN is automatically open to the Chairs, or their nominee of Harrow’s PPGs.  The HPPN works in cooperation with the Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).  The Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) comprises of all NHS GP practices in the London Borough of Harrow, and is statutorily responsible for purchasing and providing health services for local people, including community health and hospital services.  

HPPN also offers a mentoring programme for PPG's that feel that would like to be more pro-active in their approach.

What we do

  • We provide a ‘one stop shop’ for the CGG to communicate with patients across the Borough.
  • We represent patients on a variety of statutory and non- statutory committees.
  • We empower PPGs to fully understand and develop their role as ‘critical friends’ of the surgeries they represent.
  • We encourage fledgling PPGs to establish themselves by offering practical on-going ‘buddy support’.
  • We have developed and deliver a  PPG mentoring programme.
  • In addition to Harrow CCG, we have established links with a large number of agencies and organisations including NHS England, NAPP, Community Health, LMC, Healthwatch, Harrow Council, Community Heath and a number of neighbouring Boroughs.
  • We are ‘trail blazing’   a positive approach to patient engagement, which has drawn interest     from groups around London and beyond.
  • We   hold the CCG to account on matters of consultation – ensuring that wherever possible measurable outcomes result from   engagement exercises.
  • We are involved in developing carers groups.
  • We are developing an independent web-site.
  • We promote and organise information sessions for our members from a wide range of health and social care agencies.
Robert Pinkus
Nigel Davis
Vice Chair
Bernice Phillips
Manji Kara
Jeffrey Austin
Bacon Lane Surgery
Anthony Berry
Elliot Hall Medical Centre
Joanne Daswani
Pinn Medical Centre
Varsha Dodhia
Charlton Medical Centre
Latha Kathrikamathamby
Ridgeway Surgery  
Rob Sale
St Peter's Medical Centre
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