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Participation Information and News Features

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We and many of our associates in the Harrow Patients' Participation Network strive to bring issues of health importance into the open.  On this page we will be featuring such initiatives and will maintain and archive of these as information news comes along.
Covid Report - Harrow Health and Wellbeing Board                             (added 4 October 2021)
28 September 2021

The full report on Covid-19 infection rates including details by age, area, ethnic and other breakdown of the statics.

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Harrow Integrated Care Partnership100 day plan:
Developing our understanding and delivering action                                          (added 4 October 2021)
Version 2: 18thAugust 2021

In February 2020, the Harrow Health and Care Partnership produced their first 100 day plan, setting out the next 100 days of the ICP development.  We are now at a critical point in the partnership development. We need to continue to engage, alongside acting on what we have heard.

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System Oversight Meeting Harrow Borough ICP                                                (added 4 October 2021)
Feedback to the Joint Management Board on the SOM held on 24th September 2021

This was a positive first meeting for Harrow and provided an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of our partnership, our collective ambitions for the ICP moving forward, and programmes of work we have underway.

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