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Mentoring Programme

In 2015 it became a requirement for all GP Practices to have a Patients Participation Group (PPG) as part of their contractual obligations with NHS England. At HPPN we believe that for a PPG to be fully effective it needs to work in collaboration with the Practice.  This is particularly important since the changes identified in the Five Year Forward View are dependent on patients having a central role in the decision making process at community and local levels.

The HPPN Mentoring Guidelines (click link) are set out to assist PPG's and show the role of HPPN.  The full Mentoring Programme Summary Report for June 2016 can be seen by clicking on the link.

As a result of data gathered from Patients' Participation Groups it was identified that the Compact between Harrow CCG and HPPN should consider a Mentoring Programme to assist PPG's and form an integral part of HPPN’s Mentoring Programme (MP) to include support on:

  1. Research & Planning, including evidence based data
  2. Implementation: mentoring training and support
  3. Monitoring & Evaluation including data and feedback from participants
  4. Developing a PPG Framework
  5. The current role of PPGs in relation to four specific areas:
a.      Developing the patient perspective
b.      Promoting health matters
c.      Improving communication between patients and the Practice
d.      Influencing the development of health services for patients
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